I am so lucky to be able to work alongside people who want to make positive changes in their lives by clearing clutter and becoming more organized. I am always delighted to hear from clients about how the experience was for them.

Holy moly! KerryAnn is an amazing organizer. My closet was like Monica's closet on Friends when she had a secret hoarder/messy closet. I was at a loss for words after KerryAnn was done and she made it in a way that I have kept it pretty tidy for the most part! Being in Real Estate, I hands down recommend her to clients and friends/family!

Amanda Rickman | Kyle, Texas

Kerry did an absolutely amazing job with the disaster that was my closet! I can even walk into it now, who knew there was a floor in there?! You can tell she loves to organize, and I’m glad people like her exist cause the last thing I want to do in my free time is organizing things. I will definitely use Luxxe Organizing again in the future and recommend her to anyone else who needs a little help decluttering and finding space.

Van Nguyen​ | Kyle, Texas

I have used Luxxe Organizing for both professional and personal reasons and she is amazing! She provides a solid outline and plan and all of the information and products you may need. She is a skilled and incredibly hard worker, gifted at what she does, personable, professional and trustworthy. The systems of organization that she creates not only work but look amazing! I recommend her for personal and professional organization, real estate declutter and listing staging and full moving support! She is the best!

Jennifer Baker | San Marcos, Texas


Kerry Ann was so amazing! We had California Closets install a system in our playroom, and she came in and did such an amazing job! She was easy to communicate with, super quick and efficient, and I loved how she purchased all the items needed and asked me to review before she did. I will definitely recommend her to my friends - thank you again!

Bonnie Sims
Buda, Texas

I asked Kerry Ann to help me organize my Garage and my Closet last week...we had 2 sessions and I can share that it was the best experience ever it could happen to me...after so many years trying to do it by myself I never did...without her hard work and experience that she showed it wouldn't be possible..I highly recommend her and her Company...I will call her again soon for some other needs, plus the price is totally reasonable..

Carlos Porteny
Kyle, Texas

I cannot express how grateful I am for the work that's been done! The whole process was so painless with all the advice she suggests! I'm gonna have more rooms done in the future! She took my messy dog room and made it into a place that I don't even wanna leave now 😂 Reach out if you really need the help, I wish I had reached out sooner!

Pamela Molina
Converse, Texas

Thanks to Kerry’s quick response and diligence we were able to tackle our kitchen head on. It was great having ya here to take the lead and revamp our space in a way that’s conducive to a variety of needs. And thank you for all your patience as you helped us work with our elderly grandmother in accommodating her preferences in a very professional manner. We are so glad that you came over with your awesome personality and magical pixie dust

Diana Esteves
Seguin, Texas

Kerry was very nice and fast. She made my pantry sparkle ✨️ Everything was well organized and the before and after makes it look like a different house

Alexis Wheatley
Buda, Texas

Kerry Ann is incredible at what she does; she is a complete life saver! She reassured me that I didn't have to worry about the clutter and mess making this process easier to trust her with. We worked on my bedroom to turn it into my sanctuary, and I am happy with the results. After she left, I opened my drawers repeatedly and smiled knowing a system was now in place. She helped carry furniture to make my room space larger and made sure I was satisfied with her services. I look forward to working with her in the future. 🙂

Rebecca Salazar
San Marcos, Texas

We love Kerryann! We have hired her for many of our listings and clients; she has never disappointed us! She is our go to person for packing, staging and organizing! She makes the process so easy from start to finish, and our clients are always happy!

Casey Earley
Buda, Texas
We moved into our house in July of 2021 and quite literally threw everything into the kitchen where it fit and never moved a thing again. I needed some serious help and was way over my head. Our pantry and our cabinets were utter chaos- I am expecting my second child and in addition to the chaos I was in need of a space for the baby things! Ms. Pearce came in and took charge and gave me some sanity back. Our pantry is labeled, organized, functional and dare I say PRETTY? Our cabinets also have the same organized and functional vibe- I no longer have to open every single cabinet in order to find what I’m looking for or open every single drawer to find another spatula. This was a service I didn’t know I needed and I’m so grateful that I stumbled across a posting regarding Luxxe Organizing LLC. I am very happy with the finished product and I am looking forward to additional organization help as well as some interior design guidance in the future!
Emily Stewart
Buda, Texas